Docks, cases, compatibility and middle inserts

We know how important it is for you to keep your phone safe from harm. We also know that it can be cumbersome to remove your case every time you want to charge or dock your phone. 

Many of our docks have different case compatibility so it is important to read their descriptions to find out what kinds of cases are compatible with each dock before buying.

For example, our rugged case dock line can fit just about any case out there and is often universal for many different kinds of phones.

Our slim fit case dock line, on the other hand, can only fit slim cases 1-2mm or less, but they are made specifically for your phone giving them a custom fit.

A lot of our slim line docks also have other features like 2nd battery chargers on the back or usb ports for charging wearables.

For any of our docks you must remove the middle insert in order to use the dock with your case. To remove the middle insert pull the tab up and the middle insert will lift out, this will give you more space on your dock for cases.


Please see our youtube video for detailed instructions on how to remove the middle insert:



If you have any questions about the case compatibility of your dock or if you are having trouble and need some help. Please contact us at







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