Common issue with lightning (8 pin) Apple cables and how to fix it

One of the most common issues we see with Apple cables are the cables not working due to AC adapter malfunction or insufficient amps.

If your cable seems to be charging really slow or does not charge at all please try it with a different AC adapter. We recommend using the one that came with your device because it ensures that you will have the correct amount of amperage to charge your device effectively.

Some devices, like the iPad, need 2.1 amps to charge so if you are using a cable with a 1.5 amp AC adapter (even if it is an original apple adapter) the charge will be slow. Your device may even say that the cable is not compatible or certified.

One of the first things we ask customers to do when they email us about a cable malfunction is have them test their cable with another AC adapter with the correct amount of amps. This normally solves the issue, and when it doesn't, it rules out the possibility of a broken AC adapter and allows us to move forward in our warranty procedure.

We are always happy to replace defective cables within the warranty period and assist you in troubleshooting when things do not seem to be working properly. Please check out our other articles for more trouble shooting help!

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